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Senior Convertible Notes Information

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What is the conversion rate for Elevance Health's 2.75% Senior Convertible notes due 2042?

ELEVANCE HEALTH, INC. (formerly known as “Anthem, Inc./WellPoint, Inc.")

Effective as of December 2, 2022, the conversion rate of Elevance Health’s 2.75% Senior Convertible Notes due 2042 (the “Convertible Notes”) was adjusted to 14.3238.*

*This description of the Convertible Notes and the adjustment of the conversion rate is subject to, and qualified in its entirety by, all the provisions of the indenture dated as of October 9, 2012 (the “Indenture”) between Elevance Health, Inc. and The Bank of New York Trust Company, N.A., as trustee. We urge you to read the Indenture and the Convertible Notes because they, and not this description, define the rights of the holders of the Convertible Notes. The conversion rate may be further adjusted as set forth in the Indenture without update on this website.

Elevance Health's 2.750% Senior Convertible Debentures due 2042 to Accrue Contingent Interest